Celebrating clients who have achieved lasting results with the help of Coaching By Perera.

"Wow! Definitely ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! 

I just completed a 12 week session with Laura. I have been through several weight loss and health promotion programs, and I have read numerous books, articles related to achieving and maintaining optimal health. As a nurse I really thought I had heard it all and knew it all but I was wrong. I have learned so much more about myself through Laura's coaching. She not only provided me with life changing information, she coached me to explore and learn ways to apply these principles to my specific lifestyle. That ability is invaluable in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It isn’t only about weight loss, it is SO much more. Thank you Coach Perera so much! 

If you are desiring positive change in your life to help you achieve health and lifestyle goals, give coach Perera a call!!!! It is an awesome program!" 

/// Bonnie RN BSN

"Working with my health coach has changed my life. I am a healthier and happier person than I was a few months ago.  I have learned so many things about diet and exercise that I was not aware of. But most importantly the lasting impact healthy eating and exercise has on your life (not just your body).  I read all food labels and some ingredients are scary. Clean eating is best. I am going to the gym because I WANT to. I am stronger and have more energy.  Working with my health coach is a tremendously rewarding and educational experience.
Thank you for helping me be better."

Poke Bowl with Salmon and Avocado

/// Carolyn

“In the past, I have joined Weight Watchers, used My Fitness Pal, counted calories, joined a gym, but always fell back on unhealthy choices.  I knew what to do in order to lose weight and also knew what to eat but always asked myself why I just couldn’t do it, couldn’t commit to get that healthy lifestyle.  Enter Laura Perera.  Since I started with her, I finally was able to discover my setbacks and how to move on, how to forgive myself.  I was completely honest and allowed myself to be vulnerable with her, and through this journey discovered some life changing “ah-ha” moments.  It’s progress, not perfection. For anyone struggling with that motivation and those who want to find that lifelong healthy journey, you will be able to find it with Laura.”

Strawberry Milkshake

/// Victoria

“I did the 90 day program with Coaching by Perera to try a different approach to becoming a healthier me.  The basic math of calories in vs. calories out was not the answer for me no matter how disciplined I was.  This program addresses so much more than just food and exercise- it addresses the individual as a whole.  I have developed good habits that are now 2nd nature to me and continue to work on other positive learned behaviors becoming habits. Yes, I did lose pounds and inches, but I gained so much more! I am so much farther along my health journey than I would have been without this program.  I am a much healthier person overall- my body, my mind, and my soul!

Forest Fruit Ice Cream

/// Shannon 

“Laura has tapped in to her God-given gift of helping others find joy. I started this program with her several weeks ago and I have been AMAZED at the amount of information I have received. Laura helped me navigate through cycles I have repeated my whole life around food and boundaries (or lack thereof) with people. She helped me discover the "why" behind many poor food decisions and allowed me to explore better alternatives when it comes to my nutrition. Equally important to me, I am freeing myself of carrying others problems and emotions. I am learning to set boundaries and stick with them for the first time in my life. Since food and people will always be part of my life 😉 Im grateful to have a new awareness and perspective to help me make the most of those relationships. I KNOW Laura has blessed my life exponentially with her coaching and friendship. And I am a happier Natalie because of it.”


/// Natalie

“Your greatest adventure begins when you start saying yes to the opportunities that support your passion.”
 - Laura N. Perera